Our experienced team of consultants can help guide you through USP 797 and 800 guidelines. We will assess your needs, find ways to accommodate your space, help you select a great-looking color, and then build your cleanroom to exact specifications.

Every TCA cleanroom suite comes with a written guarantee that it will pass current USP 797 and 800 regulations. We have never had a cleanroom not pass its initial certification. Your cleanroom will be built right the first time.

Once a design has been finalized our team will coordinate with you and your selected contractors regarding the cleanroom specifications. Our team is readily available to answer any questions concerning space preparation and final connections to the cleanroom suite. Our goal is to ensure that timelines are met and your cleanroom project is a smooth process from start to finish.

Continued Support

We are here for the life of your cleanroom. Our support doesn’t stop at the installation. TCA is fully committed to serving your cleanroom needs with our annual maintenance program and extended warranties to protect your investment for years to come.

TCA Annual Maintenance Program

USP regulations are continuously changing, and it is important to keep you cleanroom up-to-date and running efficiently. TCA is now offering an annual maintenance program which includes an annual visit to your facility to complete a comprehensive inspection of your cleanroom suite.

  • Annual cleanroom inspection by an experienced TCA crew to ensure your cleanroom continues to function efficiently
  • A comprehensive inspection of entire cleanroom suite
  • Acrylic return cleaning to protect maximum efficiency and longevity
  • Complete inspection report provided for facility records 
  • Hands on support for all your cleanroom questions and maintenance needs
  • Includes 20% discounted price on all cleanroom upgrades or replacement parts
  • Have a detailed documentation of your continued efforts to keep your cleanroom compliant

Monthly Air & Surface Environmental Testing Kits

With monthly testing mandates on the horizon, sign up for our monthly environmental testing subscription. Services provided by LAB 797. Each month you will receive a kit including SAS sampler, sampling plates, instructions and return shipping label. The final report will include total plate counts and bacterial/fungal identification (genus/species level).