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Travis CleanAir custom cleanroom designs comes with a variety of cleanroom component options and upgrades.

We offer component choices to fit every budget and need including room side replaceable HEPA filters, custom size doors and much more. Our consultants can help you determine which components will be best for your facility and use.

Travis CleanAir, Inc. - Component Showcase


The 100 series comes standard with a 4” bottom rail, but is readily available with optional 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” bottom rails. Standard doors come with offset pivot hinges, one at the top and the other at the bottom. These require the use of a threshold (4” wide by ½” high, smooth surface).  

Optional continuous mechanical hinges are available.  This allows the door to be supplied without a threshold.

Standard doors are supplied with a MS lock (keyed outside and ADA thumb turn inside), classic style push/pull handle, and glazed with .220” thick acrylic or polycarbonate glazing.  Paddle handles are available special order.  Dummies can be installed in place of the keyed lock. Special order doors may be supplied with no provisions for locks (door would just have a push/pull handle). Optional automatic door operators are ASSA Abloy SW100 low energy operators.  They are supplied with BEA MS11 waveplates.  

Door operators are interlocked so that only one door may be operated at a time.  Doors may still be manually opened and will operate manually in a power failure.

Travis Clean Air, Inc. - 36" Door
Standard Door
Travis Clean Air, Inc. - 42" Door w/ auto-door feature.
Standard Auto-Door
Travis Clean Air, Inc. - Double Door common for cleanrooms using larger equipment
Double Door


Standard wall panels are constructed of extruded aluminum shapes that are specific to TCA.  Standard panels are glazed with clear or white opaque acrylic sheets.  Other acrylic colors are available as special order. Standard color for the aluminum is white.  Aluminum can be special ordered to be painted any RAL color.  This requires additional lead time. Walls can be designed to meet California OSHPD requirements.  All sterile rooms come standard with patented radius corners to facilitate ease of cleaning and extended bases to allow flooring to be coved up the wall up to 6”.  Non-Sterile rooms come standard without the radius corners or extended bases.  Any room can be designed with or without the radius corners and extended bases. Walls can be designed to allow mounting of cabinets or support equipment like computers or printers.

Travis Clean Air, Inc. - 4' Flush Glazed Full Clear Acrylic Panel used in cleanroom construction
Full Clear
Travis Clean Air, Inc. - 4' Flush Glazed Full White Polycarbonate Panel used in cleanroom construction
Full White
Travis Clean Air, Inc. - 4' Flush Glazed Bottom White Panel used in cleanroom construction
Bottom White / Top Clear


Pass-Throughs are made of acrylic and are available in either 16” or 24” sizes.  They sit on a platform that has a simple interlock mechanism that only allows one door to be opened at a time.  Provisions can be made in the wall panels to accept any manufacturer’s Pass-Thru including those that have HEPA filtration in them.

Travis Clean Air, Inc. - 16" Pass Through
16" Pass-Through
Travis Clean Air, Inc. - 24" Pass Through
24" Pass-Through


Sterile rooms come standard with clean room rated LED fixtures.  Optional emergency rated units (includes battery back-up to supply ~30 minutes of limited power during power outages).  Units are furnished with Electronic driver 120-277V, dimming driver standard.

Non-sterile rooms come standard with LED fixtures.  Units are furnished with a 120V driver.

Travis Clean Air, Inc. - LED Light Panel
LED Fixture

Cleanroom Monitoring

All cleanrooms are furnished with Dwyer magnehelic pressure gauges to indicate each rooms pressure relative to the adjacent room.

An electronic Digital Monitoring System (DMS) is available as an option.  The DMS consists of a PLC/HMI and sensors in each room to monitor and record temperatures, pressures, and humidity. DMS can also control and monitor the airflow from each fan filter unit (available with LEDC and IQ filters only). DMS are compatible with most Building Management Systems, additional equipment is required.

Travis Clean Air, Inc. - DMS (Digital Monitoring System) Panel
Travis Clean Air, Inc. - DSM Module (used in conjunction with our Digital Monitoring System)

Power & Data

All TCA cleanrooms are supplied with provisions (3” H x 2” W x 2-3/4” D switch box with ¾” EMT conduit) for electric power.  The same provisions are made for data/telephone/sensors etc.  Power and data are provided with separate conduits and there is a limit of two conduits in a post.  If there are special requirements, please inquire of the design team.

Sink Mounting

A ¼” powder coat painted aluminum plate is supplied by TCA, if requested, to allow sinks (furnished and installed by others) to be mounted without a special carrier system.

Travis Clean Air, Inc. - Sink Panel with Top Clear Acrylic
BW Sink
Travis Clean Air, Inc. - Sink Panel with Full White Acrylic
FW Sink


Standard FFU’s are 2’x4’ Envirco Mac10 Originals that have 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 Microns.  They come standard with a variable rheostat that allows airflow to be controlled between 300 CFM and 600 CFM. A control card is available to allow the standard unit to be controlled via a Digital Monitoring System or via a Building Management System (additional interfaces may be required).  The standard unit can also be optionally ordered as RSR – Room Side Replaceable HEPA filter or RSRE – Room Side Replaceable HEPA filter and motor.

Optional units include IQ LAF and LEDC HEPA’s. LEDC unit airflow can be controlled manually using the supplied variable rheostat or can be set using an optional infrared hand control.  LEDC units come standard with a control card that allows their airflow to be controlled via a Digital Monitoring System or Building Management System (additional interfaces may be required).  IQ LAF are low airflow units but they are designed to supply a constant volume of air as the HEPA filter becomes loaded.  This is an available option but not necessary.  IQ LAF and LEDC units can also be optionally ordered as RSR – Room Side Replaceable HEPA filter, or RSRE – Room Side Replaceable HEPA filter and motor, or RSRC – Room Side Replaceable HEPA filter, motor and controls.

All FFU’s are 115V/60Hz, other power options (208-240V/50-60HZ and 277V/60Hz) are also available as special order.

All FFU’s come with 12” or dual 10” collars on top to allow connection of the supply air. Optional side feed systems are available.

Travis Clean Air, Inc. - 2x4 HEPA unit with 1 Collar
1 Collar HEPA
Travis Clean Air, Inc. - 2x4 HEPA unit with 2 Collars
2 Collar HEPA

Ceiling Tiles

Standard ceiling tiles are CertainTeed Envirogard 2’x4’, gypsum core with vinyl facing, vinyl backing and sealed edges.