Here at Travis Clean Air, we’re really excited about the new USP 800 Clean Rooms. We are not only fully committed to serving your clean room needs by providing the best possible clean room solutions out there today, but we’re also totally committed to backing up the clean rooms with excellent customer service. We first assess your needs, then we find ways to accommodate your space, we help you select color and design, and then we build your clean room to exact specifications right here in our Loveland, Colorado facility. After that, we deliver the clean room directly to you to ensure proper and safe installation.

There are a few changes that come with the USP 800 Clean Rooms. Here’s what you can expect:

Compounding supervisor.  With the introduction of the USP 800 clean rooms, pharmacy staff and administration will have new responsibilities. USP 800 requires that a specific person be assigned as the compounding supervisor. This person will be responsible for developing and carrying out specific procedures as well as faculty compliance and overall monitoring.

Separation of hazardous drugs. Now the compounding and manipulation of hazardous drugs must be performed in a C-PEC within a separate room. The goal here is additional personnel protection.

Co-Mingling of non-antineoplastic hazardous drugs. USP 800 allows drugs non-antineoplastic hazardous drugs to be co-mingled with non-hazardous drugs if the pharmacy policy allows. Note that the permitted co-mingled drug must not be manipulated other than for counting.

Implementing an USP 800 clean room is easier than you think! Call us today and let us help you!