Your pharmaceutical business involves using a clean room to handle and process what the FDA considers dangerous drugs. You have heard about the proposed changes with the new clean room regulations under USP Chapter 800, but haven’t made any changes to reach the new compliance since it’s not yet finalized.The standard guidelines for USP 800 will become regulation and you will need to have them in place for your business to thrive. Practically, you want your business to thrive, but you don’t know where to start in implementation of the proposed standards. Should you start making changes now? Or wait until the new standards are put in place by the federal government.

We also want you to succeed, by being available to help you stay compliant. Our modular clean rooms are created to your specifications and the regulations you need. Your investment will be protected, even if you move, because they can move with you to a new location. Also, if your business grows, your room can grow with you and still remain compliant to the current regulations. Clean rooms are a vital piece of your business.

At Travis Clean Air, we can help you stay in compliance with the standards. We now consult on USP 800 to help you stay on ahead of proposed federal regulations and stay successful in your business. With clean room construction that will stand the test of time, we give you our commitment to stand with you through any future changes, contact us for a free quote.