Our USP 800 Clean Rooms provide our clients with the ultimate control over their work environments. That control is an assurance that workplace accidents don’t happen. It’s that precaution that is essential for certain medical industries. Here’s why USP 800 Clean Rooms are ideal for maintaining safety in the medical industry.

Modular Clean Rooms in the Medical Industry

In the fields surrounding modern medicine, researchers and doctors work closely with pathogens. Some pathogens are excellent at proliferating and infecting individuals, others are extremely harmful or deadly, and certain pathogens are both prolific and deadly. It’s essential, whenever dealing with a pathogen, to control the environment, reduce the risk of spreading a pathogen, and prevent pathogen outbreaks before they begin. USP 800 Clean Rooms allow for that possibility.

With the advent of the clean room, as well as the benefits provided by laminar flow, it’s possible to work closely with pathogens (viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms) while maintaining a protected environment. Our USP 800 Clean Rooms, in conjunction with laminar flow technology, ensure that pathogens are arrested from becoming airborne.

Laminar flow technology ensures that air flows downward through the volume of a room. In a clean room environment, new air is filtered and purified and pumped downward through a space. It’s that downward flow that ensures that pathogens don’t become airborne, and therefore can’t infect medical industry workers. Through the advent of the clean room as well as laminar flow technology, medical facilities can remain sterile and safe, even when working in close contact with a pathogen source.