Portable architecture is an explosive movement in the building world.  Why?  Humans are often nomads for one; nowadays we seek entertainment and sightsee, unlike our hunter/gatherer ancestors.  But some of us are also homebodies.  Nothing is more comforting than the hearth in a warm home in winter, or a sunny patio with a barbeque in the summer.

Portable architecture combines these two concepts – convenience and comfort.  Portable architecture can be subdivided into two categories:

Mobile Architecture:

I’ve come upon complex tent systems, high-tech RV’s, and semi-truck container homes.  Each concept is specially suited for the owner of the system.  I like these ideas, because of their vast adaptability.  Want to live in Panama for a month?  Drive your home down!  Alaskan vacation in summer? Sure!

Modular Architecture:

And portable architecture includes in-home modularity.  Consider a home whose internal walls were on wheels.  And this home’s exterior walls are big bay windows, sliding doors, or garage doors.  One could rearrange the home to include two bedrooms, or four bedrooms.  Or open it up entirely – moving the walls to a corner.  Or perhaps you could wheel your kitchen counter onto the deck.  Portable architecture means freedom.

At Travis Clean Air, we value that freedom, and know that the liberty to move your USP 800 Clean Rooms to new places, and new structures is invaluable.  These structures are a big investment, so we ensure that they’re portable, rearrangeable, and allow for additions.