Upcoming changes for USP 795 and 797 clean rooms will be made through USP 800. They will be incorporating the information currently in place and adding to it to insure proper handling of hazardous drugs in healthcare facilities and settings. This will help protect both the handler and the end product from contamination.

OSHA standards for the clean room are a large priority in the new. Keeping hazardous drugs secure and separate from others is crucial in the creation of the compounds. The new standards will address this. Part of avoiding contamination is having a clean room that’s compliant with USP 800. The other part is to follow the standard guidelines, wearing personal protective equipment, having proper training for compounding personnel, and knowing how the proper protocol for the equipment in the clean room.

At Travis Clean Air, we stay on top of the standards in the pharmacopoeial field so we can offer you the best opportunity for you to be compliant with the federal requirements, even staying one step ahead. If you need a clean room, contact us at 970-203-0516. We will talk with you, find out what you need for your facility and build the room to your specifications. Our rooms will be manufactured specifically for your facility and we will come and install it to insure it is completed properly.

At the time our rooms are built are guaranteed to pass the current federal guidelines (now USP 797, we are currently consulting on USP 800). Get the room that can go with you if your facility moves. All of our rooms are modular to help save you money. We also will help you maintain your clean room with new filters.