1. Portable and Modular Architecture

    Portable architecture is an explosive movement in the building world.  Why?  Humans are often nomads for one; nowadays we seek entertainment and sightsee, unlike our hunter/gatherer ancestors.  But some of us are also homebodies.  Nothing is more comforting than the hearth in a warm home in winter, or a sunny patio with a barbeque in the summer. Portable architecture combines these two concepts – convenience and comfort.  Portable architecture can be subdivided into two categories: Mobile Architecture: I’ve come upon complex tent systems, high-tech RV’s, and semi-truck container homes.  Each concept is specially suited for the owner of the system.  I like these ideas, because of their vast adaptability.  Want to live in Panama…Read More

  2. Concerns Surrounding Vaping and Contamination

    Vaping, becoming popular in the early 2000s, has shown in a short amount of time that it is not just a passing trend that will blow away with the wind. It will, however, go through transitions and changes, but it won’t be disappearing from the market. One possible change is for the regulation of the product and its production by having manufacturing of the e-juice in cleanrooms. The FDA has been working on what regulations should look like and how they will be enforced. This process will take time, but it looks very possible the handling of e-juice for vaping will look very different than it currently looks. Just like contaminated meat, e-juice if handled improperly, could cause bacterial contamination and illness. Because the market for …Read More

  3. 5 Ways To Improve your USP 797/800 Clean Room

    The environment in a cleanroom requires very close attention and diligence. It is a fragile and easy to diminish the integrity of the cleanliness once the room is established. Thoroughly clean your modular cleanroom regularly. You may have staff in-house who are trained to clean a cleanroom. This process isn’t like hiring a cleaning lady for your office. Because the environment is specialized for the field, either pharmacopoeial, for building technology, research and development, each is going to have its own cleaning regulations for the room. All of the surfaces have to be cleaned regularly with certain supplies approved according to the USP chapter and the ISO air quality for the cleanroom. Change out the HEPA filters often and correctl…Read More