Our product:

Breathe Easy. We are here to help. TCA is the only cleanroom company that is owned and operated by a registered pharmacist with infusion, hospice, home health and compounding experience. As a result, we offer a unique perspective with a detailed understanding of daily concerns- because we came from where you are. At TCA we pay close attention to every detail in order to help your team work more efficiently.


Features of the TCA Custom Cleanroom Suite:

  • Flush wall design and radius corners for ease of cleaning
  • New base extrusion that allows for up to 6″ of flooring to be coved up our wall
  • Adaptability-move, alter, expand as your business grows
  • High visibility from anywhere in the pharmacy
  • Sole source cleanroom provider- consulting, design, manufacturing, delivery and installation
  • Built by us, guaranteed by us
  • Made in the USA
  • TCA cleanroom suites can be designed to accommodate many different compounding environments

    • Sterile and/or non-sterile
    • Hazardous and/or non-hazardous
    • Positive and/or negative pressure
    • 503A or 503B
    • Cleanroom classification ISO 5-8

Components of the TCA Custom Cleanroom Suite:

  • Cleanroom wall frame– flush wall glaze system. Aluminum frame coated with an anti-microbial protected paint, which is known to inhibit the growth of microbes.
  • Cleanroom wall panels– We offer clear and opaque acrylic panels to provide visibility as you desire.
  • Ceiling Grid Heavy duty, self-supporting aluminum ceiling grid. Powder coated white with anti-microbial protected paint.
  • Ceiling tiles Cleanroom rated ceiling tile constructed of ½” sheet rock. Each tile is covered with a non-shedding white vinyl on both the room side and ceiling side of the tile.
  • HEPA filter units– Fan powered 2×2 or 2×4 standard mac-10 HEPA filters that can either be side mounted or placed in the ceiling depending on height restrictions. Each HEPA includes a test port that allows the certification company to easily test the HEPA filter during semi-annual certification. *RSRe filters available upon request.
  • Magnehelic gauges– for monitoring differential room pressures (one for each room). *digital environmental monitoring systems available upon request. These systems have the ability to monitor humidity, temperature, and pressure that includes a data logging feature.
  • LED Lighting Fixtures: Cleanroom rated. 2×4, 124 watts (4) LED bulb (T-8) light trouffers.
  • Pass-through’s– 16” or 24” gasket sealed interlocking pass through box
  • Doors– standard 3’ x 7’ or 3’ 6” x 7’ doors with full visibility viewing window. Key and lock set included. A decal of your company logo will be affixed (if you approve) to the main entrance door of the cleanroom suite.

NOW offering Aluminum Frame in color!

your cleanroom suite even further by adding color to the cleanroom wall frame. This color option offers the same long lasting durability as our standard white aluminum frame, and also comes with our standard anti-microbial protected paint.  

With over 1,000 color options to choose from your cleanroom suite will be bright and colorful for many years to come.