commitment1We’re dedicated to a high ethical standard, and to excellence at every turn – from needs assessment and design, to construction, to delivery and follow-up. We don’t just think about modular rooms to fit your space. We think about all sides and every space in between.

The Best Service

The TCA team is fully committed to serving your needs, not only with the best cleanroom solutions available, but also with the best service to back them up.

TCA will assess your needs, find ways to accommodate your space, help you select a great-looking color, and build your cleanroom to exact specifications. We’ll then deliver them personally to ensure proper installation.

Setup and Beyond

We build our cleanrooms in our plant, then deliver them personally to your facility to ensure proper installation. Our crew will have your room up and running within a few days. Delivery dates are scheduled to meet your needs. This allows you to plan any type of construction or remodeling that must be done in advance of the new cleanroom environment. Upon arrival, our installation crew will meet with you and discuss the installation process that is about to begin.

Our goal is to limit the inconvenience to your daily business operations. Our installation crews receive high marks all across the country for their professionalism and proficiency. They can provide technical assistance to you local contractors while onsite. After your cleanroom is in place, you’ll still have our support and assistance to protect your investment for years to come.