Modular design encompasses design where components are combined to make a whole. When we design our clean rooms, we rely on modular components to build a clean room piece by piece. Modular design is especially useful for building clean rooms because modularity lends itself to adaptability. We can build large clean rooms, small clean rooms, intricate clean rooms, clean rooms with short ceiling height, and clean rooms with tall ceiling height.

Moreover, modular design is useful in the sense that we can install different components that may be necessary to a client’s specific needs. Here are a few of the components we can add throughout a clean room atmosphere:

HEPA Filters

Depending on the utility of a clean room, one or more filtration units may be needed to ensure air quality control. Our clean room designs take HEPA filtration into consideration, and we can accommodate any HEPA filtration demands.

Pass Through Boxes

Pass through boxes are utilized to transport materials and products, as well as people. Since our pass through boxes are modular, we can incorporate pass throughs wherever they are deemed necessary. Streamline your clean room structure with proper pass through box design!

Lighting & Windows

Our clean room ceilings allow for adaptability when it comes to lighting. Moreover, our clean room walls can be constructed out of windows. This modularity gives our clients the freedom to have a space that’s well-lit and aesthetically open.

Get in touch with a clean room design expert today if you’re curious about our modular clean rooms, their adaptability, and application in your work environment!