Since April 2014, the FDA has been in the process of proposing regulations to the field of vaping and ecigarettes. The formal proposal was shared a year ago and we are little closer to the formal decision. Vaping is showing its stability and permanence in the market. In fact, in some cases ecigs are hailed as helping people wean themselves off their tobacco addiction from smoking cigarettes, although, some use it as an alternative, keeping nicotine levels at higher levels.

The regulation would make the production of juice to be handled with FDA regulated standards. Some of these regulations would include:

  • being produced in a cleanroom, like the modular cleanrooms we produce at Travis Clean Air;

  • cleanliness of the technicians will be a factor (Some of the current regulations require technicians to be showered, clean clothing, hair pulled back, no makeup, etc…);

  • the cleanroom will have to be kept clean at FDA regulation standards, meaning it have to be cleaned with substances that decontaminate the space and reduce bioburden in the cleanroom.

Some argue the FDA doesn’t need to regulate an industry that has been doing fine for 10 years and there is little to regulate when nicotine levels in e-cigs are lower than cigarettes. Proponents of the regulation recognize the health concerns and potential for a lack of regulation turning the tables on the success of the vaping industry. Some vaping stores have started looking at the regulations proposed by the FDA and started adding modular cleanrooms to their facilities. Contact us at Travis Clean Air for more information and a free estimate on the cost of installing a modular cleanroom in your facility.