In the biotech industry, worker safety can come down to preventative measures. There are necessary precautions to heed when working with living materials. Without precaution, pathogens can infect the living material, biotech workers, or biotech product consumers. That’s why modular clean rooms are essential for the safety of workers involved in the biotech industry who deal with living materials on a day to day basis.

Modular Clean Rooms in the Biotech Industry

In the biotech industry, products may be produced by living material or products may be the living material itself. For instance, bacteria can be a catalyst to produce certain chemicals or pharmaceuticals. When a pathogen (a bacteria, virus, or other harmful microorganism) enters a biotech work environment, it can infect the product, it can infect the workers, and it can infect any purchaser of the biotech product. To ensure that pathogens don’t enter a biotech industry work environment, it’s essential to take precautions. For instance, workers should practice good hygiene and wear proper attire, including protective clothes and possibly gloves, masks, eyewear, or even full body suits. Moreover, it’s essential that the work environment itself is controlled. Our modular clean rooms can provide that control. With a modular clean room, airborne pathogens may be pulled into the air purifying system, instead of floating onto the products or infecting workers.

Modular clean rooms allow for laminar airflow systems. Laminar airflow controls the input, flow, and output of air circulating through a room. Laminar flow means that air moves through a volume in the same direction at the same speed. This ensures that the entirety of the volume receives fresh pure air, and it minimizes the risk of airborne pathogen contamination.