For today’s blog, we’ll be talking all things clean rooms. In celebration of our product, the modular clean room, we’ll be covering all sorts of facts surrounding clean rooms and the clean room industry. Let’s get started..

Clean Room Industries

There are numerous industries that utilize clean room implements. Most recently, there’s been a boom in clean room use for e-cigarettes. However, the industries that dominate the vast majority of clean room use are pharmaceutical companies, electronics companies, biotech companies, and semiconductor builders.

Where The Advent of the Clean Room Began

Clean rooms were invented during WWII, and were mainly utilized in that era as a means for producing pristine weaponry in a safe environment. Clean rooms were utilized to aid in production of tanks, airplanes, and guns.

The Tech Grows

NASA continues the tradition with tech upgrades. Reliant on clean room technology, NASA uses clean rooms to aid in their space program. Moreover, NASA’s clean room involvement also marks the advent of laminar flow technology – a filtration and air and dust control implement.

Food & Pharma

Clean rooms mean clean food and pharmaceuticals. More and more food producers utilize clean rooms as sanitation standards are on the rise.

Mass Production Means Modular

Clean rooms are currently mass produced. Through automation technology, modular clean rooms are feasible and cost-effective. Now, affordability is built into the clean room industry.

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