In keeping the contamination levels down in your modular cleanroom, there are the standard air filters to replace on a regular basis to keep the air particulates low. Regular cleaning also occurs to prohibit the buildup of contaminants as well. Full body apparel, or simple jumpsuits can be used to limit the amount of particulates added to the room. Another way to keep from adding to the particulate count for the room is to use a tack mat in the antechamber.

A tack mat will pull dirt, hair and dust from your shoes or wheels of push carts prior to entering the cleanroom. Tack mats generally come in a mat that has layers of mat. These are usually numbered to count down the amount of mats left on the pad. The numbers will help maintain an account for the inventory, so you’re never without tack mats outside your cleanroom. As the pad gets dirtied with foot prints, the top layer can be peeled off, revealing the next clean, sticky surface.

TCA offers support and assistance to our clients after installation of the modular cleanroom is complete. Protecting your investment is top priority for maintaining the USP <797> standards and maintaining the integrity of your production. We can help install new HEPA filters in your room to keep the air quality up to specifications, contact our office at 970-203-0516. Get a free quote on a modular cleanroom or have us add onto an existing modular cleanroom today! Upon completion of a cleanroom from TCA, we guarantee your room will pass current USP <797> standards.