Vaping, becoming popular in the early 2000s, has shown in a short amount of time that it is not just a passing trend that will blow away with the wind. It will, however, go through transitions and changes, but it won’t be disappearing from the market. One possible change is for the regulation of the product and its production by having manufacturing of the e-juice in cleanrooms. The FDA has been working on what regulations should look like and how they will be enforced. This process will take time, but it looks very possible the handling of e-juice for vaping will look very different than it currently looks.

Just like contaminated meat, e-juice if handled improperly, could cause bacterial contamination and illness. Because the market for vaping is so new, who will be responsible to pay for the repercussions if this happens? The federal U.S. government is working to be able to answer with the creation of policies to account for circumstances that will hopefully prevent the crippling of the market. Having the manufacturing of e-juice would mean cleanrooms would be used in the production to reduce, if not eliminate, contamination of the juices.

Another issue the FDA is having to face is the production and sales of nicotine products. E-cigarettes contain amounts of nicotine, depending on what the patron requests and sometimes it’s not very high, but it is still a substance that is addictive and there have been big strides in the direction of keeping nicotine regulated and out of the hands of kids. At this point, there is very little to keep it regulated other than the good will of the vape store.

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