To continue our last blog on industries that require clean rooms to operate, we’ll be diving into three more codependant industries: nanotechnology, biotechnology, and telecommunications. As with our last blog, we’ll be dissecting why our modular clean rooms may be necessary for these industries.


Nanotechnology concerns itself with extremely small components. Quite literally, nano refers to the size of particles being dealt with in this field, and it is limited to particles that are less than 100 nanometers in dimension (a human hair, by the way, is about 100,000 nanometers in width). Often, nanotechnology industries refer to those who manipulate light or manipulate matter on a molecular or atomic level. In these industries, absolute control over the environment is crucial. When a product could literally fly away at the hint of a breath, or may be completely obstructed by a mere hair, absolute environmental control is of utmost importance. A clean room can grant this necessary control.


The biotech industry refers to industry that combines both biology and technology. In this industry, living material is utilized to produce usable products, or living material may be utilized to render a specific process. For instance, certain bacteria may act as a catalyst to produce a health supplement. In these industries, contaminants can infect or kill the living material in use. This can result in impure products or products that are harmful. With a modular clean room, the risk of contamination can be greatly reduced, and production and performance quality can be enhanced.