There are numerous industries that rely on clean rooms to allow for the performance of tasks necessary to their individual fields. These industries rely on clean rooms to avoid any harmful contaminants that may hinder the production of products, or may hinder the safety of employees. For this and our next blog, we’ll be talking about the various industries that rely on our modular clean rooms here at Travis Clean Air and why these industries need a controlled environment.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Fields

In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, sanitation is a must. Environmental contaminants, including harmful bacteria and viruses, may slight product quality. Our modular clean rooms are ideal for maintaining a sterile working environment. We have easy-to-clean modular walls and windows, and we offer pass-through doors for products and employees.

It’s crucial in these fields to build sanitary medical products and provide clean pharmaceuticals. Medical grounds are no place for contaminants, since a virus or bacteria can wreak havoc throughout a medical facility. The same is true of pharmaceuticals, since they are meant to be ingested. Utilizing a modular clean room ensures that quality and sanitation are maintained.

Circuitry, Microelectronics, & Computing

In the world of electronics, a misplaced hair can cause malfunction. That’s why the industries surrounding circuitry and circuit boards, microelectronics, and computing often rely on clean rooms to build and test their products. Clean rooms keep particles from landing on circuitry that may malfunction. Tiny particles can carry a current allowing for an unwanted electrical arc that can damage a component. For this reason, a clean room may be crucial to proper production.