A clean room ought to be a contaminate-free environment. Our modular clean rooms here at Travis Clean Air aid in preventing any form of contamination, but the sources for contamination are numerous. Here are some hazards that can cause contamination:

Tools & Supplies

Be mindful of how you utilize your tools. Small metal dust or plastic particles may splinter off of certain tools and supplies.

Ceiling & Wall Paints

Existing ceiling paints and wall paints offgas as well as release paint particles over time. Avoid allowing walls to have paint that’s cracking or peeling near your clean room environment.

Air Conditioning Dust & Debris

Air can hold dust particles and tiny bits of debris. An air conditioning unit (without proper filtering) can pump in particles by the millions. Be well aware of your air sources, and make sure your area is properly filtered around one of our modular clean rooms.


Even moist air can be an issue in certain environments. Protect small electronic and mechanical parts by mitigating the moisture in the air.

Leaks & Spills

Any leaks and spills will need to be contained, as particulates are likely to spread or offgas. Take preventative measures to ensure that all fluids are leak-free and spill-proof.


People carry all sorts of contaminates, so its crucial to regulate proper practices in and around a modular clean room environment. Place rules and regulations on proper attire, proper behavior, as well as plans-of-action for accidents. Remember that people carry all of these contaminants:

  • Skin
  • Oils
  • Cologne & Perfume
  • Cosmetics
  • Dust From Clothing
  • Hair


Any products produced within a clean room may also produce contaminants. Be mindful of products that’ll offgas, or production processes that produce airborne particles.

Exercise mindfulness and awareness around your modular clean room, and you’ll avoid contamination events!