The Food and Drug Administration proposed last year to add electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, under its jurisdiction in order to regulate the production of the e-liquid that produces the vapor and the flavor, and the addition of the e-liquid to the e-cigarette device. Many vaping companies that produce and sell e-cigs in communities are looking ahead to upcoming regulations for the mixing of the e-liquid. One such regulation suspected to be included in with the new regulations is that the ingredients for the e-cigs will have to be mixed within a cleanroom.

Cleanrooms regulate the amount of contaminants and bioburden in the room, keeping the ingredients being mixed for the e-liquid to be of the highest purity. Arguments can be made for the e-cigs being healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes. They provide an alternative to inhaling the carcinogens in traditional cigarettes. Having a cleanroom to mix the ingredients in would contribute to the benefits of the e-cigs for those looking for an alternative option to tobacco. There are many businesses looking at this movement toward FDA regulation and having a cleanroom installed as a proactive move.

Travis Clean Air designs and builds modular cleanrooms. There are many benefits to having us build a cleanroom for your vaping business. One is that if you change properties, the room can go with you. If this is the case, just call us up and we can move the room to your new location. Another benefit is that when our rooms are built, they are guaranteed in writing to pass inspection. Contact us for a free quote on a custom modular cleanroom for your facility.