Building a clean room requires exactitude. With a clean room environment, sterility and control can lead to a safe, efficient work environment. On the other hand, a lack of environmental control can harm your products, your employees, and/or your clients. Here at Travis Clean Air, we pride ourselves in providing a clean room atmosphere that allows for complete control over the conditions within the space. That’s why we’re ecstatic to provide modular clean room designing and building for companies throughout Vermont, including Burlington, Essex, South Burlington, Colchester, Rutland, and Montpelier. Here’s why our clean rooms are superior in design and implementation than those of other clean room builders out there:

Our Clean Room Walls & Ceiling Structures

Our clean room structures are built on a modular scale. That means each component can be sized specifically for the space it occupies, and each component can allow for other features that are integral to an operable clean room. Our ceiling structures, for instance, are designed and built to allow for light fixtures, as well as HEPA filtration units, and vertical pass-thru boxes. In addition, our wall structures can house windows, pass-thru boxes, and of course, doors for employees and property transportation.

Modularity Means Flexibility

One of the benefits of our modular clean rooms is that they are ideal for expanding businesses, businesses that rearrange their production lines or organization, or businesses that are liable to move to different facilities. Why? Because modularity allows for reconfiguration, addition, and mobilization. If you need a clean room structure that isn’t fixed due to its design, call on the pro clean room builders here at Travis Clean Air.