Clean rooms make the work environment safe, and they allow you to create products that are pure and free from imperfection. As your clean room specialists, Travis Clean Air designs and builds clean rooms throughout New Mexico, including Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and Roswell. Our clean room solutions are ideal for pharmaceutical industry applications since they are USP 797 and USP 800 compliant. We build modular clean rooms that offer a variety of features above other clean room builds on the market.

Our Modular Clean Rooms

Since we use modular components throughout our clean room builds, we can customize our clean rooms to fit your unique space. Our wall structures can be built to fit odd-shaped spaces. Walls can be integrated with pass-through boxes, windows, doorways, and other components. Our ceiling structures can be created to house lighting, vertical pass-through boxes, and laminar flow ventilation systems.

Clean Room Redesigns

Since our clean rooms are modular, they can be disassembled and reassembled in different configurations. We can build additions onto your current clean room, or rearrange your clean room structure for a new space. This saves you money, and gives your business the freedom to expand and change.

Curious about our clean room products? Feel free to get in touch with a representative here at Travis Clean Air. We’re here to connect you with perfectly built industry-standard clean rooms. Again, we build clean rooms throughout New Mexico, including major cities such as Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and Roswell.