Do you need a clean room designed and built for your New Jersey-based business? You can count on Travis Clean Air. We provide clean room solutions across America, including New Jersey. Our clean rooms are designed to meet the demands of your business, and they’re designed to allow for rearrangement and expansion.

Fitting Your Business

Meet the demands of your business with Travis Clean Air’s modular clean rooms. Our modular structures allow for unique structural implements. Our wall components can be built with pass-through boxes to move products, materials, and tools from room to room. Our ceiling structures can be built to house laminar flow ventilation systems, custom lighting, and vertical pass-through boxes. Whatever your business demands, Travis Clean Air can provide.

Modularity Means Adaptability

Since we use modular components, it’s easy to restructure our clean rooms if your business demands are changing. If you have a business that has outgrown its current location, we can disassemble, rearrange, and reuse your old clean room structure in a new facility. If your business is expanding and you need to add on to your current clean room environment, we can tack on extra space in a jiff.

When you choose to work with Travis Clean Air, you’re working with a team of expert clean room designers and builders. Count on us if you need a clean room built throughout New Jersey, including Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Trenton, and other cities. If you’re curious about our product, you can get in touch with a TCA representative here.