Travis Clean Air is your New Hampshire source for clean room solutions. If you’re seeking out a clean air design-and-build company, you’ve come to the right place. We design and construct in-building clean rooms to meet your specifications, be it a small-scale operation or a large-scale project. The beauty of our clean rooms is their modularity.

Our Modular Clean Rooms

Since our clean room structures are modular in design, they can be adapted to meet any design need. Do you have low ceilings, yet a wide layout? No problem. Are you looking to expand your existing clean room space? We can do that too. Plus, since our clean room components are modular, they can easily be deconstructed and rearranged. If you’re part of an expanding business, you can utilize the existing clean room structure in your upcoming design. Or, perhaps your business is moving from one location to another. We can disassemble your clean room and adapt it to your new space. Our modular clean rooms are unique in that they can be molded to fit your unique situation, and they can be adapted to keep up with the changing demands of your business.

Our Clean Room Components

Clean rooms depend on the facility provided by their unique components. Your business may rely on laminar airflow and particle containment. Pass-thru boxes may be an essential element of your business operations. Perhaps it’s essential that your clean room walls have windows for effective communication within the working environment. Regardless of your particular needs, Travis Clean Air can provide.

Feel free to get in touch with a Travis Clean Air representative today to learn more about our clean room builds. Again, we build clean rooms throughout Delaware and the United States, including major cities such as Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Derry, and Rochester.