1. Staying Safe in the Medical Industry

    Our USP 800 Clean Rooms provide our clients with the ultimate control over their work environments. That control is an assurance that workplace accidents don’t happen. It’s that precaution that is essential for certain medical industries. Here’s why USP 800 Clean Rooms are ideal for maintaining safety in the medical industry. Modular Clean Rooms in the Medical Industry In the fields surrounding modern medicine, researchers and doctors work closely with pathogens. Some pathogens are excellent at proliferating and infecting individuals, others are extremely harmful or deadly, and certain pathogens are both prolific and deadly. It’s essential, whenever dealing with a pathogen, to control the environment, reduce the risk of spreading a …Read More

  2. Further Clean Room Facts

    In our last blog, we’d discussed some facts and figures surrounding clean rooms. Today, we’ll be continuing our blog line with further clean room facts. Laminar Flow Was a Big Leap Laminar flow aids in reducing harmful particulates. Through the advent of laminar flow technology, particulate influence is largely reduced. So what is laminar flow, and how does it work? Laminar flow describes the unidirectional flow of air throughout a space. Traditionally, laminar flow is used in some clean rooms to maintain the cleanliness of air. Air is forced downwards (unidirectionally), and recycled or pumped out of the room. Laminar flow is made possible with the use of ventilation systems and air pumps. What Do Clean Rooms Prevent? Clean rooms aim t…Read More

  3. Portable and Modular Architecture

    Portable architecture is an explosive movement in the building world.  Why?  Humans are often nomads for one; nowadays we seek entertainment and sightsee, unlike our hunter/gatherer ancestors.  But some of us are also homebodies.  Nothing is more comforting than the hearth in a warm home in winter, or a sunny patio with a barbeque in the summer. Portable architecture combines these two concepts – convenience and comfort.  Portable architecture can be subdivided into two categories: Mobile Architecture: I’ve come upon complex tent systems, high-tech RV’s, and semi-truck container homes.  Each concept is specially suited for the owner of the system.  I like these ideas, because of their vast adaptability.  Want to live in Panama…Read More

  4. Want a Thriving Business? Focus on Meeting Clean Room Regulations!

    Your pharmaceutical business involves using a clean room to handle and process what the FDA considers dangerous drugs. You have heard about the proposed changes with the new clean room regulations under USP Chapter 800, but haven’t made any changes to reach the new compliance since it’s not yet finalized.The standard guidelines for USP 800 will become regulation and you will need to have them in place for your business to thrive. Practically, you want your business to thrive, but you don’t know where to start in implementation of the proposed standards. Should you start making changes now? Or wait until the new standards are put in place by the federal government. We also want you to succeed, by being available to help you stay compli…Read More

  5. How Clean Rooms Can Help Avoid Unnecessary Deaths

    In 2012, there was an outbreak of fungal meningitis because of poor handling at a compounding lab for a pharmaceutical company. The source was an injection epidural steroid that was then sent out to 23 different states. Because the guidelines for safe handling within a clean room were not followed, 14,000 patients were exposed to the contaminated drug and at a recent count 64 people have died and 751 have been treated for persistent infections. Unfortunately, this is possible if the guidelines in a clean room facility are not strictly adhered to. Clean rooms are set up with strict regulations to maintain the cleanliness during the manufacturing process of materials. The clean room exists to help keep contamination from happening. The newest…Read More

  6. Be One Step Ahead of the Standards with a USP 800 Certified Clean Room

    Upcoming changes for USP 795 and 797 clean rooms will be made through USP 800. They will be incorporating the information currently in place and adding to it to insure proper handling of hazardous drugs in healthcare facilities and settings. This will help protect both the handler and the end product from contamination. OSHA standards for the clean room are a large priority in the new. Keeping hazardous drugs secure and separate from others is crucial in the creation of the compounds. The new standards will address this. Part of avoiding contamination is having a clean room that’s compliant with USP 800. The other part is to follow the standard guidelines, wearing personal protective equipment, having proper training for compounding perso…Read More

  7. New Changes Come With USP 800 Clean Rooms

    Here at Travis Clean Air, we're really excited about the new USP 800 Clean Rooms. We are not only fully committed to serving your clean room needs by providing the best possible clean room solutions out there today, but we're also totally committed to backing up the clean rooms with excellent customer service. We first assess your needs, then we find ways to accommodate your space, we help you select color and design, and then we build your clean room to exact specifications right here in our Loveland, Colorado facility. After that, we deliver the clean room directly to you to ensure proper and safe installation. There are a few changes that come with the USP 800 Clean Rooms. Here's what you can expect: Compounding supervisor.  With the i…Read More

  8. The Importance of Proper Attire in the Clean Room

    Humans are one of the most common contaminates in a clean room. Even the slightest bit of dust, hair, perfume, etc. can contaminate a clean room. To maintain the integrity of the room, the garb or apparel one wears into the room is imperative. Depending on the type of clean room and facility, the level of cleanliness will vary as will the apparel worn by those working in the room. For example, the regulations may be different if it is a USP 797 or USP 800 clean room. As you are getting dressed in the regulated garb, please take note to follow protocol for the order so as not bring any unnecessary contaminates into the clean room. The apparel can either be disposable or launderable depending on the needs and requirements of the clean room. A…Read More

  9. What Our USP 800 Clean Rooms Mean To You

    Here at Travis Clean Air, we hold ourselves and our products to a very high ethical standard. From needs assessment and design, to construction, to delivery and follow-up, we ensure that there's excellence at every turn. We don't just focus on USP 800 Clean Rooms that will fit your space, we think about all sides of the situation and everything in between to ensure that you have receive a personalized customer experience. Not only will you get the best USP 800 Clean Rooms possible, but you'll get the great service we provide to back it up. With the new USP 800 Clean Rooms, we've had a lot of questions. The USP 800 Clean Rooms are an update from the USP 797 regulations regarding the handling of hazardous drugs in compounding pharmacies, hosp…Read More

  10. Maintaining your Clean Room Environment After Manufacturing

    At Travis Clean Air, we can build you a modular clean room with an ISO 5-7 Certified environment and guaranteed in writing to pass inspection under USP 797 upon installation. We're now consulting for USP 800. After we build the room to your specifications, it will be your responsibility to keep the room sterile. Without proper practices in place, the room will not remain sterile. The filters need to be replaced on a regular basis. Entering and exiting procedures must be followed to the letter. To assure bacteria and microbes that may contaminate any medicines manufactured don’t enter the room, start with these tips. Proper hand washing needs to take place before entering the room. Wearing the proper garb is essential. Hair nets, beard ne…Read More