If you’re thinking of installing clean rooms in your business, you are likely simply concerned with complying to safety laws and regulations. However, there are several benefits – aside from safety benefits – to installing a modular clean room:


Modular clean rooms are adaptable. Travis Clean Air’s clean rooms are modular and mobile – which means freedom in the programming and design of your clean rooms. Since our clean rooms are modular, room configurations can change or expand to meet the changing and expanding needs of your business.

Moreover, if your business moves, you can take your modular clean rooms with you to your new location. There, you’ll be able to reassemble and readapt the structure to a new environment.

Additionally, if you’re moving large equipment into, out of, or through a clean room, disassembly is possible! Walls can be maneuvered, rearranged, and reassembled to move furniture or equipment throughout your facilities.

Working Conditions

Our clean rooms are sleek, minimalistic, and stylish. We provide clean rooms with several windows – which means you get the feeling of an open environment, even when the room is sealed. You’ll be anything but claustrophobic in our modular clean rooms.

Energy Costs

Since clean rooms isolate environmental conditions, they can act like a thermos. Clean rooms hold temperatures longer than open air rooms, and you may notice a drop in your heating and cooling bills.

If your business is ready to install clean rooms, feel free to contact Travis Clean Air. We’re modular clean room specialists and experts, and we’ve got experience under our belt. Contact us if you’re curious about our clean rooms, or if you’d like to begin discussing a project!