In the development of our USP 797 Clean Rooms, we spare no expense in any regards. We know that they have to be not only sealed tight when put together, but they have to be federally compliant to the measures set forth by their strict guidelines. We are building rooms that can not let the slightest of molecules in, as just one small piece of hair can be completely destructive. There are several classes of air cleanliness, especially when airborne particulates are analyzed at different levels. The meticulously strict protocols we abide by during construction are some of the toughest protocols to follow in any manufacturing industry.

Our USP 797 rooms need to be clean for many reasons:

  • They need to be ready for advanced chemical testing

  • They are built to withstand the harsh effects of solvent testing

  • They are manufactured to control the effects of solution-based testing

  • They are made to be completely fiber, particle, and pollutant free

  • They are manufactured to control the adverse effects of dangerous contaminants

  • They are skillfully put together in order to prevent the expansions of gases being released within it

  • They are meticulously installed by our staff of highly trained installation experts

What these fantastic clean rooms do is create a confidential arena and atmosphere that promotes the successful alteration, testing, application, implementation, and scrutiny of materials, substances, chemicals, gases, fluids, and certain solids. They are a large-scaled apparatus for the securement and locking-in of potentially dangerous leaks and contaminations.


usp 797 clean rooms