At Travis Clean Air, we can build you a modular clean room with an ISO 5-7 Certified environment and guaranteed in writing to pass inspection under USP 797 upon installation. We’re now consulting for USP 800. After we build the room to your specifications, it will be your responsibility to keep the room sterile. Without proper practices in place, the room will not remain sterile. The filters need to be replaced on a regular basis. Entering and exiting procedures must be followed to the letter. To assure bacteria and microbes that may contaminate any medicines manufactured don’t enter the room, start with these tips.

  • Proper hand washing needs to take place before entering the room.
  • Wearing the proper garb is essential. Hair nets, beard nets, face masks, shoe covers, gloves and a gown.
  • Don’t wear jewelry or makeup.
  • Be sure gauges, fans and filters are functioning properly.
  • Keep your area clean as you work.

Following these procedures will help maintain the integrity of the room. Other factors will include proper maintenance of the facility, changing out the filters on a regular schedule. Contact your local inspector for additional details on maintaining the sterility and/or low particulate environment of your clean room. (Each industry has its own standards and guidelines.)

We at TCA take pride in building high-quality modular clean rooms. We want to help you stay certified. If you have any questions about having a modular clean room custom built for your space and purpose or about getting supplies, like filters, for reorder, contact us. We’ll get you taken care of and help you keep your facility up to regulation.