We touched somewhat on cleaning procedures and personnel requirements included in USP 797 clean room regulations but further spelling out of other requirements is called for. We’ll go into further details regarding cleaning supplies methods and disposal of waste.

Use of non-shedding cloths like microfiber wipes and gloves are both required and need to remain exclusive to the clean room to prevent contamination to other areas. Any tools used must be cleaned before being brought into the area and disinfectants should be approved by the infection control department in hospitals.

Staff should clean from the furthest point in the clean room toward the exit door, cleaning countertops shelving and storage bin surfaces with germicidal disposable wipes. Approved disinfectant should be used on product carts and on flow-hoods and vents should be cleaned before floors. Mats used for standing and walking within the clean room for anti-fatigue purposes need to be wash daily. All cleaning should be logged and documented and verified by the pharmacist with a signature.

Pharmacy staff is responsible for removing trash from the clean room twice a day. Red biohazard sharps containers are required for disposal of sharps as are colored containers for hazardous waste based on area regulations and hospital policy. These containers should be sealed for housekeeping to dispose of.

Though these requirements are, obviously, up to you and your staff to implement and adhere to, at TCA we make sure that the modular clean room that you work within meet every guideline of USP797 and live up to your strict requirements too. Call us to find out more information regarding USP797 clean rooms.