Having a general contractor build your USP 797 cleanroom would be akin to asking the neighborhood donut shop to bake your wedding cake. The basic knowledge is generally there but its the ever-important details, no matter how small, that make the biggest differences in quality. TCA modular clean rooms are specialized because those details are considered in the design and we have the experience and knowledge that allow us to know just what details matter the most.

TCA’s owner has worked within the pharmacy industry with infusion, hospice, home health and compounding experience. That extensive knowledge makes all the difference in planning and designing a cleanroom that not only meets USP 797 requirements but those of the pharmacy users themselves. We take every detail of your staff and facility into consideration when designing and building your modular cleanroom. We want it to not only comply but to make sense. Your cleanroom will be installed on your schedule, in just 1-4 days by our expert team making installation as convenient for you and your staff as possible. We have installed more than 1,200 cleanrooms and yours will be built to the same exacting standards. Ongoing support and assistance is always available after construction should you need assistance regarding maintenance and upgrades. We can even move your cleanroom for you should you move facilities.

And of course, you’ll have our written guarantee of compliance to not only USP 797 guidelines but ISO 5-7 requirements too. If you are looking to acquire a modular cleanroom for your facility please call us or fill out the form online. We look forward to bringing you the best in cleanroom design and construction by experienced, qualified specialists who know the little details too.