As a compounding pharmacy, you have a plethora of choices regarding contractors who specialize in USP797 cleanrooms and having them comply with regulations. There are literally thousands of these builders throughout the country. And many of them will tell you that they have the experience that counts in building modular clean rooms. But is it the experience that counts?

Basically, most building contractors can, for most accounts and purposes, construct your clean room. But understanding the special needs of a modular cleanroom often goes overlooked. Does that contractor guarantee that the finished cleanroom will comply with USP797 regulations and meet the requirements of ISO class certifications? Will their pre-fab cleanroom fit your workflow habits and workspace needs?

At TCA Cleanrooms we truly do have the experience that matters. We are the only cleanroom manufacturer that is owned and operated by a registered pharmacist. Bringing infusion, hospice, home health and compounding experience to the table allows TCA to not only build USP797 cleanrooms that are compliant to regulations but those that meet those little details that make working within your cleanroom sensible and easy. Knowing more than just the regulations, but also what works better within a modular cleanroom, is that extra touch that makes the difference. We want you to be able to go about your daily business without the frustration of a badly planned cleanroom.

When you are looking for a true level of expertise, that goes beyond just what’s needed, turn to TCA Cleanrooms for a highly efficient and workable cleanroom. Call and speak with one of our experts at 970-203-0516.