One of our highly advanced modular clean rooms will provide you with the cleanliness and breath-easy atmosphere you’re looking for. Our experts and master builders are some of the best in this industry, as their expertise has provided many facilities with the customized clean rooms they need. Whether or not you need a modular clean room for exploratory reasons or for pharmaceutical compounding applications, you’ll be more than happy with what you receive. They are made and tested to all USP 797 compliant regulations, so you will have no problem proving that your clean room is more than qualified for many different applications.

We have the experience, expertise, and intelligence to customize your modular clean room to any specifications you submit to us. Plus, we have all the equipment necessary to perform these customizations in a short amount of time. Travis Clean Air will give you exactly what you want and also deliver and install your modular clean room in just 1 to 4 days. We bet you’ll be ecstatic when your customized acrylic clean room arrives, as every one that we build are made to impress.

The ability to breath easy in your newly designed modular clean room will be evident the very first day you set foot in it. Every single expectation you have for your newly innovated and constructed modular clean room will be met… and then some. So instead of dealing with your present circumstances, year after year, you should finally make the move to get a highly beneficial modular clean room, and be on your way to a more convenient future!

modular clean room