As a compounding pharmacy manager you’ve done your homework regarding your level of compliance and your USP797 clean room. You’re ready to now move on to the finding the right contractor to build your modular clean room. Now there are a lot of choices out there, many very good, but consideration for actually operating within your clean room is just as important as the clean room itself. Being able to seamlessly transition your staff to working within the clean room, with as few functional hiccups as possible is key to the overall success of the planning and implementation of that modular clean room. Its imperative that you make sure that the designer and installer understand your business more than they understand the clean room itself.

At TCA we take the time to fully understand the work habits of both you and your staff. We analyze how your workflow takes place; how many staff members work within the space and the functions or duties each of them perform. This allows us to customize the design plan to your specific needs. We never use a default or generic blueprint for our modular clean rooms. Because our owner is a registered pharmacist, TCA has a unique perspective that brings optimal functionality to each and every one of our designs. This personal knowledge benefits the entire staff. Acting as a partner in your clean room construction, rather than just a consultant, we schedule every aspect of building around your schedule. We want to make the transition as smooth as possible, creating as few of those hiccups to your business as possible.

And of course, you’ll have our written guarantee of compliance to not only USP 797 guidelines but ISO 5-7 requirements too. If you are looking to acquire a modular clean room for your facility please call us or fill out the form online. We look forward to bringing you the best in clean room design and construction by experienced, qualified specialists who know the little details too.